What are the responsibilities of a

nonprofit board? We facilitate retreats, working with boards and staff to discern their complementary roles. This often leads into discussions of...

Vision and Mission 

Successful organizations have clear, strong visions. Strategic decisions about when and how to begin, alter, assess and eliminate programs must be based on your vision, and reflected in your mission statement. Focusing on who you are and what you want to become is the most important determinant in a nonprofit's success over time. We can help you create that focus by reviewing your mission, vision and values, and what you are doing to meet them .

Fund Development

Development is different than fundraising. Our goal is to help nonprofits understand the difference and not spend most of their time fundraising. Fundraising has its place to raise awareness, but it should not be the driving force in your organization's attempt to reach success! We can offer services in this area in several ways:

  • Staff training on creating a climate for positive fund development 

  • Writing a compelling case statement

  • Developing value propostion

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